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Multi-Function Welding & Cutting Machine CT-520

Multi-Function Welding \u0026 Cutting Machine CT-520 , featuring
CUT + TIG + MMA, multiple functions,
CUT-50A, TIG-200A, MMA-200A,
2T/4T Torch Latch Function,
Latest IGBT Inverter technology
ultranitro : If your going to do a review of a welder, Weld with the damn thing.
GromzaV : 0:45 прекрестил аппарат молотком. Лучше бы уже пальцами - Гораздо удобнееТот же самый аппарат, что и Andeli CT-520-DPL
Mike Sweeney : Where can I by one?
Aaasss Aaasss : كمن ثمنها وكيفية الحصول عليها في لبنان

파나소닉 SL-CT520 이상

Канал "Деревянного" : Он туповат немного. У меня тоже диск долго подхватывает ))

PRIMEWELD CT520D MULTIPROCESS stick/tig/plasma cutter

Here setting up and initial use of this import multiprocess unit
Daniel Smith : Awesome very informative very well made video.
DIY My Way : Thank you for a very informative video! I’m considering the CT520D as my first welder for a beginner. Do you still have and like it? Would you recommend it for a beginner? Thanks for sharing!
trialnterror : One way I remember the colors is rappers wear gold white guys wear silver and grass is green for ground! Just a stupid thing that was taught to me years ago and I never forgot it!
anesthesiadreamin : Two years later still working. I burned 8 rods this evening
Dave Howard : I might just have to get one of these based on the 3 yr warranty and the stellar customer service. Was gonna get a Titanium Unlimited 200 from HF at $650, but this gets me tig, stick, and a plasma cutter at a much lower cost and I can get mig later if I want it. I have a HF Titanium 125 Flux Core now which is an awesome machine for wire welding up to 1/4", which is all I do. So I'm thinking with that, and this machine, I'll be good to go. Thanks for an awesome video!




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