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Sony ICF-C414 Alarm Clock Review!

Sony Dream Machine ICF-C414

So this is the new clock I bought to replace the one that just died, out of the blue. Hopefully I get more than about two years worth of use out of it.

But here's the thing. This ICF-C414 was really the only halfway decent clock I could get unless I wanted an analog clock. Everything else had no radio, and was just really cheap-looking and didn't have the features I was looking for, IE:
-Battery-backup (that's right, some of them didn't even have the accommodations for a backup battery)
-A large, easily readable display
-A radio

It's just unfortunate that this is the path clocks have taken...

Nevertheless, for 30 bucks, this seems like a pretty sweet deal. Not only does it meet all of my wants, but it has a few nice features, such as automatic DST settings, time zones, and adjustable brightness to name a few.

The only downside is the fact that the AC power cord is the FM antenna, which isn't very useful.

Sony Dream Machine ICF-C414 Clock Radio




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